Hippy Feet:  This company is committed to donating 50% of Net Profits to non-profit organizations serving young people experiencing homelessness at the same time providing programs within the company. At this point, they chose to focus on serving young people ages 16-24 — an age group that is considered “opportunity youth”. By focusing on this age range Hippy Feet can intervene before the cycle of homelessness becomes too severe  The youth in their program receive basic job training, a steady income, and other resources such as counseling and bus passes from non-profit partners.

They learn the story of each individual, what led them to experience housing insecurity in the first place, and what they need to get back on track. These different stories have brought one thing to light — there’s no simple solution. Homelessness is complex and there’s a wide range of reasons someone may become or stay homeless. Different non-profits have different areas of specialization. No organization, Hippy Feet included, can be an expert at every facet of a complex issue like homelessness. Instead, we can empower the experts in each area and give them the resources they need to do their best work. Through this donation model, Hippy Feet is able to allocate resources to different programs, such as mental health and addiction counseling, transitional housing, job readiness, and more.